Bitcoin Trader: Erfahrungen und ausführlicher Test

Cryptocurrencies, although critics of digital currencies are reluctant to listen, have returned to the center of society in recent months. Above all, it was also the soaring of the Bitcoin at the beginning of the year, which has caused a stir again.

However, cryptocurrencies have one serious drawback: volatility. If you speculate, you can make big profits here, but you always have to expect that the market can also move in the completely different direction.

One way to reduce the risk, but there is still – we are talking about the so-called trading bots. The automatic trade is a very interesting variant that appeals especially to beginners. But which platforms can be used to work with a trading bot? We took a closer look at the provider Bitcoin Trader .

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is a robot, a so-called trading bot , which ultimately represents the alternative to manual trading. What makes the Trading Bot so special?

Behind the robot is an algorithm that analyzes the market data, including charts. The robot is constantly looking for new signals to open and close positions. [/ su_note]

  • In the end, the trading bot follows the same principle as the trader out of flesh and blood - but with the big difference that the bot is much faster .
  • In addition, there is also no consideration (or even in the way) gut feeling. The Trading Bot does not wait or can be confused by various statements, but reacts based on the signals . [/ Su_list]

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How does Bitcoin Trader work?

Bitcoin Trader scores above all because of the Auto Trading function , because here the so-called "Set and Forget" principle is used. That is, the trade can be left to the robot - and completely. In fact, the trader has no more work here.

However, one should not believe now that one has no idea of ​​the matter:    The robot is always based on the parameters set by the Trader [/ su_highlight] - that is, after all, you are yourself responsible for the profits such as losses.

In addition, there is also the so-called "professional" mode : In this case, it is about the manual trade - here sends the bot only signals, but the positions must be opened by the trader independently as closed. Here the bot only acts as a tipster.

How natural the algorithm looks exactly, there is no further information. Of course, every provider lives from his offer, which he can not freely make available to everyone for replication. [/ su_note]

The registration

If you end up with the result of wanting to use the services of Bitcoin Trader , so it is primarily about the account opening.

Step number 1: The registration

The registration form , which appears directly on the homepage of Bitcoin Trader, is self-explanatory. Whether beginner or professional - you will not have any problems here. Registration is completed in a few minutes. The user only has to enter his name, his e-mail address and a desired password, which consists of at least six characters. After specifying the home country and the phone number, all you have to do is click on "Register Now". Thus, the process is considered completed.

Now you can look at the trading platform in more detail and look at the various functions that can be tried out in the course of the demo version safely.

Step 2: The first deposit

In order to use the live account, you have to charge the trading account with real money in advance. Go to the "Deposit" or "Deposit" section and select the desired payment method and the amount. The minimum deposit is the industry average of 250 euros . There are several payment methods available, such as credit card.

Step number 3: The trade

If the deposit has been made and the money has landed in the account, the bot can now start working. Simply configure the parameters according to your own ideas and give the bot the start signal.

Incidentally, if you realize that the profits are missing, so the service can also be stopped at any time. It is important that the parameters are adjusted again and again - this is the only way to react to any market changes.

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The demo account

If a demo account or a trial version of the live account is made available, that is sometimes a first indication that it is probably a reputable provider .

  • The vendor wants to be of assistance to the customer who has just chosen the platform and to help him with getting to know the various functions. [/ Su_list]

First and foremost, a demo version should be understood in such a way that you can safely view the various functions. [/ su_note]

Serious or fraud?

If one deals with the experience reports, one can get a wrong picture of a supplier relatively fast. Not only are there enough newcomers who believe they can get rich immediately with the support of the Trading Bots, negative experiences are made much more public. No matter which provider it is ultimately - there are negative reports about anyone , even about the well-known provider Bitcoin code.

Above all, there are also numerous beginners who are convinced that the robot does all the work. But it is certainly the    parameters to be set up in advance that play an essential role when it comes to loss or profit. Because if the parameters sometimes do not match the current market developments, a loss is almost certain - the robot can not update the parameters independently.

Anyone who chooses the Bitcoin Trader platform will probably take some risk. However, the risk does not come from the platform, but from the crypto market . The last few years have impressively shown that it can always go up as well as down. [/ Su_note]

Fact is: Even if the start page says that the Bitcoin makes people rich and you can become the next millionaire, so that is indeed thickly plotted, but by no means a lie - it is quite possible. If you look at the price developments that have taken place in recent years, it is clear that you can make really high profits if the market moves in the desired direction.

However, of course, it should be taken into consideration that, of course, it depends on the mission; High stakes , provided the market develops in favor of the trader, ensure high profits . But if it goes in the other direction, a loss is inevitable. [/ Su_note]

The pros and cons

If you look at the various advantages and disadvantages, you will quickly notice that there are many more advantages :

  • The chart analysis as well as the independent data acquisition is done by the algorithm behind the bot, whereby only one goal is pursued: the maximization of the profit.
  • Due to the fact that the bot may be trusted, as it is based on the parameters set in advance by the trader, it saves a lot of time.
  • Above all, it is not possible to react as fast as the bot .
  • Furthermore, the robot never pauses , so no chance is missed - in addition, a parallel data monitoring takes place, so that even the smallest investment opportunities can be detected. [/ su_list]

  • One drawback, which is repeatedly emphasized by the critics, is the lack of information on how the algorithm actually works . So, if you trade via Bitcoin Trader, you have to trust a technique that does not really have any significant details. [/ Su_list]

The conclusion

If you look at the various reports, you will sometimes come to the conclusion that you have to be very careful if you want to use the services of Bitcoin Trader. However, this is not exclusively about the platform, but about the crypto market . Due to the fact that the course patterns of cryptocurrencies remind of roller coaster rides, one must always expect to lose money as well.

Conclusion : The provider seems, even after closer inspection, to be trustworthy. In any case, we could find no signs of fraud in our test. [/ su_note]

our recommendation

Bitcoin Trader has the potential to generate high profits for the trader    . [/ su_highlight] At the beginning we recommend a moderate investment of about 250 Euro. Once you have mastered the platform completely and made the first winnings, the amount can be increased at any time .

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